Police Misconduct

As private citizens we are taught to trust police officers and abide by the law. But what happens when those very individuals and systems that swore to protect and serve hurt us? What happens when they take advantage us? What happens when they abuse their power to cause us serious and irreparable injury? You may think there is nowhere to turn, but there is…

Turn to Attorney Nicholas Backos. Taking on a government entity, and the individual police officers therein, may seem impossible. It’s not. Attorney Backos is an expert at leveling the playing field between the police and you.

Attorney Backos’ successful history with civil litigation and police misconduct cases makes him the ideal representation for any police misconduct case.

Civil Rights and Police Misconduct violations include:

  •  Police brutality
  •  Excessive force
  •  Malicious prosecution
  • Indifference to medical needs