Why Backos Law?

When selecting a lawyer to represent you, there are countless attorneys throughout Michigan to choose from. So why should you choose Attorney Nicholas Backos to take your case? What is the defining factor that makes him better than the rest?

One word: TRUST.

You can TRUST Attorney Backos to protect and defend your rights at every turn. He understands the fragile nature of helping to get your life back on track, and this responsibility means more to him than anything. When things get tough, he sticks with you, by your side, no matter what. He is genuinely interested in your success and well-being.

His unparalleled drive, relentless advocacy on your behalf and commitment to providing you with the best representation possible is what makes him different than the rest. His experience successfully navigating cases throughout every county in Southeast Michigan makes him a trusted, reliable and well-known resource for clients.

With Attorney Backos, you’ll receive:

  • Personal, genuine attention.
  • Track record of success.
  • Proactive approach.
  • Results.